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Vent Window / Slider Glass Replacement For Your Car or Van

Vent windows are auto glass windows that are mounted on the sides of vehicles, usually next to retractable windows. Vent windows differ from quarter glass when they can tilt open. In the last 20 or so years, almost no vent glasses open on passenger cars. Nowadays the purpose is cosmetic or to make rear door glasses able to roll down farther than they would without the vent glass, due to the rear wheel taking up part of the corner of the door. Vent windows are in rear and front windows, or sometimes in front of the front doors.

To the ever-watchful driver, vent windows provide a quick glimpse of the road surrounding the vehicle so that the driver may turn, accelerate, park, or change lanes safely.

Vent/Slider Replacement Service Includes All Latches, Hardware and Felt

All Auto Glass NJ will replace your cracked or damaged vent window glass with the appropriate kit that includes all replacement hardware, latches and rubber/felt. We can source vent glass that is either clear or tinted, so once your replacement is complete it will look and function just like brand new.




  • Simply give us the year, make and model of vehicle, including the number of doors and the body style.
  • We will give you the price of the windshield (for sale only customers) or the price of the windshield replacement installed at your home or work place.
  • Give us the address that you would like to have our mobile unit come to and install your windshield.